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Bob Dumas / Photographer

 I grew up just outside of Atlanta in Lithia Springs, Georgia. I loved football, horses, and motorcycles. Since I was 10-years old, I  had a dream of working on the radio.


Then my dream came true. My first job in radio was in Carrollton, Georgia--the same town of my alma mater, The University of West Georgia. Then I got an on-air job at a radio station in Atlanta doing weekends and

fill-ins. When I graduated, I wanted to do my own show, so I moved to Columbus, Georgia and after 1 year I got a job in Austin, Texas. I LOVED Austin. I was there for 2 and a half years and I met my wife, Lu. Finally, I moved to Raleigh-Durham where my show, "Bob and The Showgram" remained #1 for 27 years. 


My new PASSION is photography! I carry my camera everywhere I go, to capture the little things others may not see. Whether it is a wedding, a graduation or maybe  a family photo they ALL have something that I see that others don't.

I make my pictures POP!